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No API Support for Instagram Multiple Photos

March 8, 2017 Instagram

Recently Instagram announced that you could now share up to 10 photos as one post on Instagram, as a type of gallery. Unfortunately at the time of writing, there is no support for these galleries via the API. The API response for a multi-image post contains the first image only, and the media type is still set as ‘image’.

The Instagram Developer blog has been silent since June last year, so it doesn’t look like this feature is being ported to the API anytime soon. This means that the Intagrate plugin can’t display these images on your WordPress site 🙁

Version 1.7.6

May 31, 2016 Release

Intagrate 1.7.6 has just been released which adds some extra compliance for Instagram’s API changes for the 1st June.

Deprecated Feed Stream

Instagram have decided to remove the Feeds endpoint (latest media from users you follow), so the plugin will no longer post images for accounts configured with that stream.


The API client the plugin uses was recently approved by Instagram, which included new permissions. Therefore any accounts using the streams ‘All Hashtagged Media’, ‘Users Media’, and ‘Location Media’ will need to re-authorize the account with Instagram. This is as simple as clicking the link in the notice at the top of the edit account page and re-approving your account with the plugin’s API client.

Non Square Images

As of the 1st June, all of the API feeds will serve images in the format they were created on Instagram by default, that is a mix of square and non-square images. Therefore the non-square image setting in the plugin has been removed.

Custom API Clients

If you are using a custom API client then this will stop working as of 1st June and will need to go through Instagram’s approval process. Alternatively uncheck the ‘Use Custom Instagram API Client’ setting in Intagrate > Settings > API and then reconnect your account(s) to get things working again.

Hashtag Bug

The new version also contains a fix for Hashtagged streams that would occasionally stop fetching new images from Instagram. If this has happened, switch your stream to ‘Recent’ then back to ‘All Hashtagged Media’ and click ‘Load More’ until you see the last image that was posted on your site. Manually select and set all the ones that have been posted to ‘Ignore’ so they don’t get posted again.


  • Bug Fix: Fixed hashtag streams not fetching new images
  • New: Reconnect account button to reauthorize with Instagram API. Forced for public_content accounts as per Instagram API 1st June 2016
  • New: Deprecate use of ‘Feed’ stream as per Instagram API 1st June 2016
  • Improvement: Remove non-square setting as Instagram API has it by default as of 1st June 2016
  • Improvement: Download install data to attach to support emails

New Name and Instagram Platform Compliance

May 25, 2016 Announcement Instagram

Over the last couple of days I have slowly been rolling out a new name change to the plugin – Intagrate. It’s a subtle change but one that was necessary to be compliant with the terms of Instagram’s API use.

Instagram announced changes to how developers access the API, which required a submission process. I’m happy to announce the plugin and its free lite version are now fully compliant and will continue to work as normal past the 1st June.

The free version on has been rebranded Intagrate Lite and will receive some love and attention over the next few months.

Version 1.7.1

April 11, 2016 Release

Support for WordPress responsive images added –

  • New: %%image-class%% to add support for responsive images when saved to the WordPress media library

Version 1.7

April 6, 2016 Release

We have just released version 1.7 which comes with a full list of new features, improvements and bug fixes.

Most notably this release now brings support for non-square images and 1080px resolution images.


  • New: High Resolution 1080px setting for bleeding edge use of high res images (not offically supported by Instagram API)
  • New: Support for non-square images from Instagram
  • New: Specific cron URL for each account
  • New: Compatibility with WordPress 4.5
  • New: Added ‘Pending Review’ status for posts created
  • New: Added ‘Private’ status for posts created
  • Improvement: Preserve line break formatting in Instagram captions
  • Improvement: Renamed ‘Refresh’ button to ‘Refresh Image’ to avoid confusion
  • Improvement: Filter for filename of saved image
  • Improvement: Using Sellwire to deliver automatic updates to the plugin
  • Bug Fix: PHP Notice: Undefined property: InstagrateProController::$video_count
  • Bug Fix: Moderation not set for new connections or ‘load more’ images
  • Bug Fix: Image count appearing in screen options
  • Bug Fix: Emojis in comment text breaking comments display
  • Bug Fix: PHP Warning about array_merge of lat and lng post meta
  • Bug Fix: Load more images button not appearing if previous stream had no more images
  • Bug Fix: Missing argument 2 for InstagrateProComments::comment_text()
  • Bug Fix: Fatal error on WP installs before 4.2 due to $wpdb->getcolcharset()
  • Bug Fix: Posts created as draft by mistake
  • Bug Fix: Image not posted if last hashtag had emoji
  • Bug Fix: 404 link to debug.txt file in settings page

High Resolution Images

To enable this bleeding edge feature navigate to Instagrate Pro > Settings > Global and turn on “High Resolution Images”.

Non-Square Images

To allow the plugin to post images of different sizes, turn on the ‘Non Square Instagram Images’ setting in Instagrate Pro > Settings > API. You will need to disconnect from and reconnect to Instagram for any accounts that you want to post non-square images. This means that the images will be reloaded in the account settings page as pending, so be sure to then manually ignore the images already posted.

Also make sure you don’t have any ‘height’ or ‘width’ attributes in the image defined in the account content, which may interfere with the non square image ratio.


However, the downside to this release is that the service we used to provide automatic updates for our plugins has been shutdown. This means for this update you will need to download the latest zip file from your Sellwire receipt, delete the existing instagrate-pro folder inside your wp-content/plugins directory and unzip the file and copy the instagrate-pro across to the wp-content/plugins directory on your site.

You will not lose your existing settings by manually updating in this way. Please do not deactivate and delete the plugin via the WordPress dashboard as that will remove data.

Please contact us if you have lost your online receipt via and we will be happy to send you the link.

Version 1.6.2

May 16, 2015 Release

  • Fix – Issues with image with emojis in captions disappearing and not posting
  • Fix – add_query_args() extra security around URL escaping

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