The most powerful WordPress plugin to create posts from your Instagram media

Multiple Streams

Post Instagram media from your account, all images with a hashtag or all images tagged with a location.

Video Integration

Now your Instagram videos can be posted to your WordPress site and displayed with a fully responsive HTML5 video player.

Multiple Photos And Videos

Full support for Instagram's new multi images and videos in one post feature. Learn More

Unlimited Instagram Accounts

Connect as many Instagram accounts as you want, with the same or different posting configuration. The possibilities are endless.

Image Moderation

Complete control over which images are posted with a dedicated moderation page.

Scheduled Posting

The plugin posts images when someone visits your site, but what if you only want the plugin to post images daily, weekly or monthly? We got you covered.

Hashtag Filtering

Powerful hashtag filtering of your image and video stream allowing you to filter on multiple hashtags as well as excluding images with certain hashtags.

Multisite Compatible

The plugin can be used on single site and multisite WordPress installs.

Hashtags To Taxonomies

Tagging your Instagram images? Turn these hashtags into WordPress tags or another custom taxonomy.

Multiple Image Posting

Post images to single posts, group images together into one post for weekly roundups and post always to the same post, page or custom post type.

Access Image History

Connect your account and access your complete Instagram image history. Post your images and save them to the media library - own your images forever.

Easy Image Admin

Easily post, repost, ignore images from the account administration screen. Bulk editing, caption updating and more besides.

Full Content Control

Complete control of the content produced by the plugin, with full HTML editing and a bunch of template tags to access the Instagram data.

Custom Post Types

Post images as posts, pages and custom post types. Add images to post, pages and custom post types. It is that flexible.

Full Support & Documentation

Complete documentation and video tutorials to get you started. Super support is on hand when you get into trouble.

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