How to use and configure the Intagrate WordPress plugin


Written by Iain
Last updated 07 Aug 2021

Global Settings

Default Title

Enter a title for posts where the Instagram image has no title.

Title Length Type

You can limit the Instagram image captions by characters or words.

Title Length Limit

Set the number of characters or words to limit the caption.

Bypass is_home() Check

Bypass is_home() check on posting. This should only be used if really necessary as it will make the plugin run on every page load.

Allow Duplicate Images

Allow posting of same image by different accounts

Instagram Location Distance

Set the distance in metres of the location searching of Instagram locations

Images in Account Admin

Set amount of images to show when the account is edited. This helps performance for accounts with a large number of images.

Image Name as Instagram ID

When saving the images to the media library the filename will be the caption. However, by checking this box it will save the images with the Instagram image ID as the filename e.g. c6077c14fe0a11e2b55e22000a9f09fb_7.jpg. This avoids any issues with non standard characters in the filename which can lead to the images not being displayed.

Add Caption to Saved Images

When saving images to the media library this will add the “Caption” based on the above text allowing tags (eg. %%caption%% or %%caption-no-tags%%). Also runs through a filter igp_image_caption. Leave blank for no caption.

Lightbox Custom Rel

Enter a custom rel attribute for thumbnails on multi maps to tie in with your lightbox plugin of choice

Hide Meta Boxes

Control which settings boxes to show on the account edit screen.

Link Love

Support Instagrate Pro by having a small link added to each post created

Cron Job

If you choose ‘Cron Job’ in the ‘Posting Frequency’ for an account, this will be the URL you use to set up your external cron job.


Use Custom Instagram API Client

Connect the plugin with your own Instagram API client. Register it here.

Client ID

Enter the Client ID once you have registered your client

Client Secret

Enter the Client secret once you have registered your client

Redirect URI

When registering your Instagram API client use this as your Redirect URI.

Help: Learn more about connecting your own Instagram API client.

License & Support

Instagrate Pro License

Enter your license key and activate it to receive automatic updates of the plugin.

You can also set the license key in your wp-config.php with using the IGP_LICENSE constant, e.g.

define('IGP_LICENSE', 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx');

Debug Mode

Check this to enable debug mode for troubleshooting the plugin. The file debug.txt will be created in the plugin’s folder /wp-content/plugins/instagrate-pro/debug.txt.

Note: Please raise a support ticket before sending a debug file or install data from this screen. Without knowing the issue they aren’t much help on their own and will not be responded too.

Open a Suport Ticket

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