How to use and configure the Intagrate WordPress plugin

Your Instagram API Client

In order for the plugin to access Instagram data it uses our Instagram API client. Some users would prefer to use their own API client and since version 1.5.1 you can do just that.

Creating your Own Client

  • Register with the Instagram Developer site.
  • Click “Register Application” then “Register New Client”
  • Give your client a name.
  • Enter a description and website for your client.
  • Enter the ‘OAuth redirect_uri:’ as the url that can be found on the ‘API’ tab of Instagrate Pro > Settings.
  • Click “Register”.
  • Make a note of the Client ID and Client Secret.

Using the API Client in the Plugin

  • Navigate to Instagrate Pro > Settings > API.
  • Check the ‘Use Custom Instagram API Client’ setting.
  • Enter your new Client ID.
  • Enter your new Client Secret.
  • Click “Save Changes”.

Now when you are connecting an account to Instagram in the edit account screen you will be asked to authorise your Instagram account with the new API client application you have just created.

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