How to use and configure the Intagrate WordPress plugin

Setting up a Cron Job

Written by Iain
Last updated 01 Sep 2019

Running Cron Jobs to schedule tasks to run on your site is a good way of reducing the load on your WordPress site.

You can use a cron job to run the posting of images from all accounts or a specific account. The URL for all accounts is supplied in the settings and a per account URL to trigger that account is found in the ‘Useful Links’ box in the edit account screen.

The cron job command would normally be curl or wget then the url provided. For example:

curl -k

On Your Server

Most servers allow you to set up cron jobs and here is some instructions for cPanel hosting.


Sometimes hosting companies don’t allow you to set up a cron job, or they make it very difficult. EasyCron is a free and easy way to set up crons and have control over them. Check out their features and pricing plans for more cron goodness.

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