November 17, 2013

Licenses Update

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First of all a big thank you to everyone who has purchased and supported Instagrate Pro! We have worked hard in the last year to bring about new features that have been requested and are always looking to make the plugin the best it can be.

As of today we are making an adjustment to the licensing for the plugin. When you purchase the plugin you will receive a purchase email with a link to your receipt. Within that receipt you will see a license key for your purchase and some information about its expiry date and how many time it has been activated.

As of version 1.5 of the plugin you will need to activate your license key in the ‘License & Support’ tab of the plugin settings. This will enable you to receive updates to the plugin.

1 Year of Support & Updates

For each license you purchase, you will be able to download your product, get updates and receive support for an entire year.

After a year, you will be required to renew your license in order to receive updates and support. Of course you can continue to use the plugin once your license expires, but you won’t get any updates, support, or any of our awesome new features.

Within 30 days of your license expiring, you have the option to renew your license at the discounted rate of 50% of the product’s price using the link in your receipt. Once the license has expired and 30 days have passed, you will need to pay the full price to re-actiavte the license. We will, as needed, change the discount rate depending on expected support or development required for the product.

What about my previous purchase?

Any purchase made before today will be grandfather-ed in, with the license date starting from today giving you access to support and updates for 1 year. You can grab your license key from your receipt in your original purchase email, which we can resend if you are having trouble finding it.

Ultimate License

Today we have also released a new license tier for the plugin – Ultimate. This gives you the ability to use on unlimited sites, with support and updates for the lifetime of the product – which you won’t have to renew. Take a look at our pricing for more information

New Support Area

To get support for the plugin you will need to go to here and enter your valid license key to be able to submit a ticket to us.

Pre Sales Questions

You can ask any questions about the plugin before purchase via this form.

Why have we done this?

We want to keep building, supporting and improving Instagrate Pro and in making these changes we are making our business model much more sustainable.

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