July 1, 2012

Version 0.2

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We have just released 0.2. The biggest update is automatic plugin updates. It hooks into the WordPress plugin checking and updating functionality, to make updates a whole lot easier!

  • New – Automatic plugin updates!
  • New – Option to override is_home() check setting on automatic posting if themes do not have a set blog page.
  • New – Option to allow duplicate posting of images by separate accounts. By default images will only ever get posted once.
  • New – Accounts display info if the Instagram servers are down.
  • Fix – Posting issues if Instagram server is down.
  • Fix – PHP notices on has_cap and get_theme.
  • Fix – Removed nested form bugs for browser compatibility.
  • Fix – Checks for write permissions on debug.txt file and displays message if not writable.

Automatically Publish Instagram Media to WordPress

Intagrate is the best WordPress Instagram plugin for posting Instagram media to WordPress.

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