How to use and configure the Intagrate WordPress plugin


Written by Iain
Last updated 19 May 2020

Intagrate can post your Instagram videos since version 1.3.

The plugin handles Instagram videos slightly differently to images. When you post a video on Instagram the plugin stores the video data and the cover image of that video. If your content uses %%image%% then for videos this will show the cover image.

Show a Video

To display videos in your posts you need to add some extra markup to your content. To simply display a video when one has been posted then add this to your account content:

[igp-video src="%%video%%" poster="%%image%%" size="large"]

If there is a video it will display it in a responsive HTML5 video player, if not the shortcode will display nothing. For WordPress installs of version 3.6+ it will use the native WordPress video player and for lower versions it will use the awesome jPlayer bundled with the plugin.

Display a Video OR an Image

To show only the video when one has been posted and just the image when you have posted one something like this:

[igp-video src="%%video%%" poster="%%image%%" size="large"]
 <img alt="%%caption%%" src="%%image%%" class="%%instagram-media-type%%" width="600" height="600">


The img class of %%instagram-media-type%% is important here, it will hide the video’s cover image if the media is a video.

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