Instagrate Pro can post your Instagram videos since version 1.3.

The plugin handles Instagram videos slightly differently to images. When you post a video on Instagram the plugin stores the video data and the cover image of that video. If your content uses %%image%% then for videos this will show the cover image.

Show a Video

To display videos in your posts you need to add some extra markup to your content. To simply display a video when one has been posted then add this to your account content:

[igp-video src="%%video%%" poster="%%image%%" size="large"]

If there is a video it will display it in a responsive HTML5 video player, if not the shortcode will display nothing. For WordPress installs of version 3.6+ it will use the native WordPress video player and for lower versions it will use the awesome jPlayer bundled with the plugin.

Display a Video OR an Image

To show only the video when one has been posted and just the image when you have posted one something like this:

[igp-video src="%%video%%" poster="%%image%%" size="large"]
 <img alt="%%caption%%" src="%%image%%" class="%%instagram-media-type%%" width="600" height="600">


The img class of %%instagram-media-type%% is important here, it will hide the video’s cover image if the media is a video.

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