How to use and configure the Intagrate WordPress plugin


Written by Iain
Last updated 01 Sep 2019

My images won’t post

If you have set your account’s posting frequency to ‘Constant’ then the plugin should fire when someone visits your site on the page where the posts are displayed. This may be the home page but it is generally set in Settings > Reading.

You can get the plugin to fire on any page load by checking the is_home() setting in Instagrate Pro > Settings. This may have a negative impact on site performance depending on the volume of images being posted.

Why can’t I set images to posted in the account screen?

The ‘Posted’ image setting is only set by the plugin when it fires and posts the pending images.

Why are my images being ignored?

The plugin will create duplicate images. If you have already posted an image with the plugin and a post has been created, then reset an image back to ‘Pending’ it will be ignored until the already created post has been deleted and trashed.

If you have two accounts that have an overlap of the same images only one account will post them and the other will ignore them. You can override this behaviour by checking the ‘Allow Duplicate Images’ in the plugin settings.

Why do my posts not change when I edit the account settings?

If you edit your account configuration to change the post content this will only effect new posts created by the plugin after the change. There is no ‘link’ with already created posts so they will remain in the same state they were when posted. You can either manually edit those posts or delete and trash them and repost the images.

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