How to use and configure the Intagrate WordPress plugin

Quick Start

Written by Iain
Last updated 20 Mar 2020

Let’s get Started

Once you have installed and activated the plugin you need to set up an Intagrate account in the plugin.

  • Navigate to Intagrate > Add Account.
  • First of all click “Save Draft”.
  • Then connect up your Instagram account.
  • Click “Login to Instagram” which will take you to a secure Instagram page to enter your Instagram username and password.
  • You will then need to authorize the plugin to access your Instagram account.

Note: The plugin does not store your Instagram credentials.

You will see in the ‘Images’ box below the content editor your last 20 Instagram images. These images are set to a status of ‘Pending’ which means they are ready to be posted when the account has been published.

The plugin will automatically set the image status to ‘Posted’ when it has posted the images. You can manually select the images and set their status to ‘Ignore’ to stop the plugin posting those images.

Now visit your site to see the images posted. The first time you visit the site with images pending it will process the images. The second time you visit the site the new posts will be displayed.

Things to Remember

The images that are displayed in the edit account screen are separate from your media library. They are staged by the plugin and used for its administration.

When the plugin creates posts and saves images to the WordPress media library that content is now separate to the plugin. So if you post some images then change the configuration of the account, the posts that have already been created will not be updated. To repost those images you would need delete and trash the posts that had been created and then set the images back to ‘Pending’ in the edit account screen. They will then get reposted and the new posts will be created with the new, correct configuration.

If you are using the plugin to add images and content to the same post, page or custom post type over and over again, and you want to repost images, you will need delete the content from the post before setting the images to ‘Pending’.

Note: Remember to trash posts after deleting them if you are trying to repost images.

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