How to use and configure the Intagrate WordPress plugin

Creating a WordPress Gallery

Written by Iain
Last updated 09 Jun 2020

This tutorial will show you how to use Intagrate to create a gallery of Instagram images on a page on your WordPress site. The gallery will be ever changing as more images are posted on Instagram.

Getting Started

First of all you will need the plugin installed and activated. Create a page for where the gallery will be. Once that has done you will need to create a new Intagrate account:

create instagrate account

Note: an account is really a template for how to post images from Instagram


Let’s do some basic configuration of the account, you can tweak other things later:

    • Save the account draft
    • Connect the account with Instagram (can be the same Instagram account you have been using for other templates)
    • Select the desired media stream type, e.g. your recent media
    • Choose the Post Type as ‘Page’
    • Select Multiple Media as ‘Same Page’
    • Select the page you created earlier in the dropdown below
    • Delete all code/content from the content editor

empty content

  • Check the Save Instagram Media to Media Library setting
  • Publish the account

This means that when the plugin runs, for each image it will save the image to the WordPress media library and attach it to that page. It will not add any actual HTML or content to the page because we set the template content to empty.

Displaying the Gallery

Back in the edit screen for the page you created (or existing page), add the [gallery]shortcode to the page and save it.

Now in the front end of the website when you view the new gallery page the plugin will trigger and create the images. If you refresh the page again you should see them appear in the gallery.

Note: you can change how the plugin triggers the posting of the images via the account’s Posting Settings


You can customise the gallery shortcode using the options available for it, or use another gallery plugin to give you even more control.

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