December 12, 2018

Version 1.8.5 – Instagram API Endpoint Deprecation

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A new version of the plugin has been released today to deprecate the ‘Hashtagged Media’ and ‘Location Media’ streams.

Unfortunately the data is no longer available from the Instagram API as they have deprecated the Public Content endpoint as of 11th December. This means if you are using the plugin connected to Instagram with your account but posting media from those streams it will no longer work.

Unfortunately, the plugin is at the mercy of Instagram’s platform and sudden changes like this affects my customers and my business but there is nothing I can do. 😞

  • Deprecate use of ‘Hashtagged’ & ‘Location’ streams as per Instagram deprecating the Public Content API endpoint 11th December 2018
  • Bug Fix: Images not being saved to the media library due to URL format change
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