December 7, 2012

Version 1.0.1

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This is a major release with a whole new administration screen and lots of new features, improvements and fixes.

Check out the help for settings information.

  • Major release with a change of admin interface
  • New – WordPress 3.5 compatible
  • New – Multisite compatible
  • New – Location image posting
  • New – Post another users photos
  • Improvement – Post all photos, no limit. Ability to get all older images
  • Improvement – When a new batch of images are posted, all images between the last one posted and the newest images are posted
  • New – Performance issues fixed when using a large number of accounts
  • New – View images for account in tne settings. Bulk and single control those to be posted or ignored. Easy to repost
  • New – Custom featured image posts to use a selected image instead of one from Instagram.
  • New – Full control of posting to taxonomies and setting image hashtags to a taxonomy not just tags. Support for custom post type taxonomies
  • New – Google map setting for map style
  • Improvement – Better scheduling. Set time and day of the schedule start
  • Improvement – Images saved to media library now with image name as file name
  • New – Multiple hashtag filtering on all types of images
  • New – New post content system with lots of template tags. Full control of the post content created
  • New – Add custom post meta with template tags
  • New – Can choose the order of images posted to grouped post or same post
  • New – Can choose the placement of new images when posting to same post

Automatically Publish Instagram Media to WordPress

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