How to use and configure the Intagrate WordPress plugin

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Written by Iain
Last updated 01 Sep 2019

If you are create new posts for each image or video from Instagram then the plugin allows you to displays the comments and likes count from Instagram.

This is currently a read-only display of this data. You cannot send comments and likes from the plugin back to Instagram. Yet.


Instagram comments can be added to a post and will be displayed like normal WordPress comments, displayed in the way your theme dictates.

You will need to check the ‘Enable Comments’ setting in the plugin’s settings page.

Author Avatars

You can show the comment author’s Instagram profile image as the author avatar in the WordPress comment.

Comment Approval

You can enable the plugin to automatically approve the comments that come from Instagram, or you can moderate them as you would normal comments.

Username Mentions

You can enable the plugin to automatically link mentions of Instagram users in comments to their Instagram profile link.would normal comments.

These setting can be found in the plugin’s settings page.


The count of the image likes is available via the template tag %%likes%%, the shortcode [igp-likes], or the custom post meta 'ig_likes'.


When the image is initially posted by the plugin the comments and likes count are shown as they are on Instagram at that point in time. If someone adds a new comment on Instagram a day later this will not appear on the post. Because the process of synchronising comments and likes, to keep them updated with those on Instagram, can take a long time and could have a negative effect on site performance there are two ways to perform synchronisation.


When you view all the accounts via Instagrate Pro -> All Accounts, there are buttons for each account to synchronise the likes and comments.

Cron Job

To keep post comments and likes updated regularly you will need to set up an external cron job to perform the sync. The url to use in the cron job is provided in the plugin’s settings.

Help: Setting up an external cron job

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